Here's How You Can Transition From A Struggling Yoga Teacher To A Successful Online Yoga Entrepreneur In 90 Days

 Without Feeling Stressed Or Overwhelmed

Want Our Team To Help You Take Actionable Steps Towards Creating An Irresistible Offer, Building An Amazing Product & Attracting High Paying Clients?

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A Coaching Program That Will...

Transition You From Just surviving As a Yoga Teacher To one of the few that is thriving in the current environment


Dear Yoga Teachers,

Would it surprise you to learn, that we transition struggling yoga teachers from studio classes to SUCCESSFUL ONLINE ENTREPRENEURS in JUST 90 DAYS!


Of course you are!

But stick with me and I'll make it worth your while...

Mark Breadner

Founder of

I'm Mark Breadner

My goal is to help you as yoga teachers become the leading platform for transformation and holistic health on the planet and to add more value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by educating you to the incredible benefits of a yoga methodology properly understood and implemented. Im here to make stand out among your peers.

I am the longest ongoing serving Yoga Educator in Australia with 25 years of educating and personally training over 1500 teachers through the whole science of yoga. I have created and designed training packages for Heart of Yoga Sydney, Nature Care College, BodyMindLife Sydney and YogaCoach and worked and travelled with Olympic Gold medallists and World Champions as a Personal Yoga Coach (PYT) in swimming and surfing. 

Transition From The Studio To a Successful Online Yoga Business With 100% Confidence

Have you been a life long yogi, with a PASSION for teaching yoga?

But the market has become over saturated , with such an unregulated increase in yoga teachers!

Which means you may be struggling to get enough classes to pay your bills…

Or maybe your stuck doing 20 classes a week just to get by…

Do you want to be your OWN BOSS?

But you have the stress of trying to build a business!

Are you an employee of somebody else's studio and don’t have the control over what you teach and what you earn?

Are you aware that the time of the studio has come and gone?

Are you aware that the FUTURE OF YOGA IS ONLINE?

But you just don’t know how to transition from the studio to creating a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS…

Look, I know you love your students, but online offerings would allow you to reduce or finish all your classes and build location and FINANCIAL FREEDOM into your life?

Many yoga teachers suffer from the idea that there isn’t enough room for all us yoga teachers…

But nothing could be further from the truth!

If You’re A Yoga Teacher AND Want A SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS, Then THIS Is Exactly What You're Looking For!

I'd like to introduce you to…

Which helps you transition from the studio to a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE YOGA BUSINESS with 100% CONFIDENCE!

Yogi Online is a unique platform that helps yoga teachers, coaches and course creators map out a clear strategy that includes every part of a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS.

Let’s go back a bit…

You’ve been a life long yogi, and you have a PASSION for teaching yoga…

But the market has become over saturated, with such an increase in yoga teachers!

Meaning you are struggling to get enough classes to pay your bills…

This time you use Yogi Online!

Meaning you are no longer struggling to get enough classes to pay your bills!! 

This time you are using Yogi Online to take actionable steps towards creating products that are monetizable online and are uniquely based on your journey! 

✔ This time you are using Yogi Online to build an AMAZING WORLD CLASS PRODUCT!

✔ This time you are ready to turn your knowledge, life skills and big, brilliant idea into a IMPACTFUL and PROFITABLE online business?

✔ This time you are ready to earn SIX FIGURES per year impacting the lives of others?

✔ This time you are using Yogi Online to ATTRACT YOUR PERFECT CLIENTS!


✔ This time you are using Yogi Online, to become your OWN BOSS without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

✔ This time you are no longer stuck doing 20 classes a week just to get by…

✔ You are no longer an employee in somebody else's studio!

This is the same model that Yoga Teachers from all over the world are now using to run a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS....

✔ And in turn now have CONTROL OVER THEIR LIFE, earning potential and what they teach!

✔ All while having LOCATION FREEDOM!

✔ And best of all having more time to focus on growing their business and spend more time doing the things they love most...

Just Like  Lulu & Miscka who have sold out their course

And despite selling out their course that's not the best part...

The best part is Lulu & Mischka made 3x back their investment into the training, within the first launch of the course!

That's right, they have already trippled their initial training investment ...

AND they know that this is just the beginning for them!

And They aren't the only ones either…

This Is Marcia, Who Says This Process Is Transformational & You Will Never Look Back!

"Deeply transformational, I highly recommend it"

Here’s another Yoga Teacher who started with our coaching program...

Meet Alister, Who's Life Is Completely Different To Where It Was Before...

Alister is now able to travel and be location independent , while also been financially abundant!

"The best investment you can ever make in your life, and its one that will allow you to blossom into your full potential"

And So On...

We could easily fill this entire page with dozens of success stories because we've used our coaching program all over the world.


Be a part of a THRIVING community of like 

minded yogis!

(Limited Spots Remain)

Yogi Online Features

Live Weekly Online Coaching

✔ Get your questions answered in real time.

✔ Get advice from an expert in the field.

✔ Gain clarity and build a business that you will be proud of.

✔ Be confident that you're doing the right thing at all times.

✔ Become a better entrepreneur 

✔ Have fun with what you're learning

Access To The Secret Practices & Hidden Knowledge Of The Yogis

✔  Learn the ancient practices of yoga.

✔  Remove obstacles from your life with simple powerful practices.

✔  Get more out of every day and get rid of stress.

✔  Become more confident and focused.

✔  Learn the secrets to success.

✔  Find peace of mind.

Self Paced Learning From Anywhere In The World

✔  Work on your own schedule, anywhere in the world.

✔  Save money by not having to commute or pay for office space.

✔  Have more time with friends and family.

✔  Enjoy the freedom to travel as you please.

✔  Make a real difference in people's lives

✔  Be your own boss.

Comprehensive Practice Library

✔  A complete library of yoga practices.

✔  You'll learn the most advanced yoga methods from experts in the field.

✔  Learn to take care of yourself with these easy exercises.

✔  Find a new way to connect with yourself.

✔  Enhance your physical and mental wellness.

✔  Become more grounded in life.

Exclusive Facebook Group

✔  Be part of an exclusive group who are serious about learning and growing their business.

✔  Learn from others in the group.

✔  Get support when you need it most.

✔ Gain access to the tools you need to grow your business.

✔ Get help with any question you have.

✔ Be part of a community that's growing every day.

 Live A Life Combining Spiritual Richness AND Material SUCCESS!

Yogi Online Can Help Virtually Any Yoga Teacher 


Most yoga teachers struggle or fail because there was no clear path or system for launching an online business!

Now We Are About To Do Something Crazy...

We're Gonna Let You Try Out Yogi Online Risk-Free...

We're so CONFIDENT that all we need to do is get you to start the training and everything that comes with becoming a lifelong customer and raving fan!

If, for any reason, within 30 days, you don't believe this is the absolute best system for launching an AWESOMELY SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS…

We'll refund your purchase, no questions asked!

Why Are We Making This Insane Offer?

At some-point you've probably hired a company promising the world but delivering not a lot...

So instead of giving you a 1 hour sales pitch as to why we are different wearing you down to the point you reluctantly say "Yes".

We figured it's just easy to show you.

So are you ready to turn your knowledge, life skills and big, brilliant idea into a IMPACTFUL and PROFITABLE online business?

Ready to earn SIX FIGURES per year impacting the lives of others?

So, Let Us Show You How...

Hit the button below, book a time and date that works with you, answer a few quick questions and we'll be in touch!

Your life’s work deserves a course curriculum that is so unique, thorough, and well thought out that its breeze to create and deliver!

And you deserve a learning designer who can call the best out of you to ensure all that happens and that’s me!

We are



If that’s you, myself and my team will work with you to launch in 90 days or less!

Talk Soon,

(Limited Spots Remain)

P.S. I will see you on the call. I can't wait to talk to you. Don't miss the call. If you need to reschedule, but don't be a no show because I don't reschedule with no shows. 

P.P.S. Get in a quiet place on the call. Make sure that it's quiet and have something to take notes with, because I'm going to be going over everything you’ll need to do this. I look forward to helping you.

(Limited Spots Remain)
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